Phi is new. Phi is special. Phi is different.

Simplify your professional application development for distributed systems with PhiSuite. This software suite with integrated database support consolidates various Internet technologies like CMS, content creator, JavaScript API and internationalization under one roof and provides support for your time-to-market projects with a complete new programming approach.

Design your web pages with awesome visual effects, including items for Dia-Show, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube and save development costs - with Phi!

And the private use is free of charge.

For a technical overview please visit our PhiWiki.

BTW: this main page including animations is done in less than a half work day.

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Phi creates cross-browser compatible HTML code without the use of any plug-in

Concentrate yourself on the functionality of your application - Phi releases you from different and often missused implementations (like event system, transformations, HTML5, CSS, etc.) of the browser and creates specific HTML code for all major browser. Missing features in older browser versions will be replicated in a manner a user can work with.

For Windows we provide an optional plug-in for older browser version which do not support native transformations. However this plug-in is not mandatory.

Through fully UTF8 support in Phi character encoding errors are past. You can even mix different languages.


Our community will permanently be expanded. Join us!

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The PhiSuite is running on Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X Snow Leopard or higher, Linux and Solaris.

The PhiSuite contains the IDE Aphilo, the server Phis, the Apache module and optionally the browser Amphibia.

The private use of Phi is free of charge.

Sample code.

The Phi API is based on the famous JavaScript library jQuery. The code you need to write to create high dynamic web applications is ingenius simple!


Phi even uses JavaScript on server side. You don't need to learn an extra language like PHP or ASP.

The Phi API provides functions to read formular data and update your database easily.

Our services

Beside the development of PhiSuite the Phisys AG provides services to customers including cross-platform GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) programming for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix derivates.

Our focus regarding Web technologies is on developing RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) based on Phi.

Our team is looking forward to find great solutions for your business needs.

Please don't hesitate to contact us.

12. June 2013
Phisketeer V1.5.0

A new feature release including support for server modules is available

Free Download

12. December 2012
Phisketeer V1.4.1

The maintenance release of Phisketeer 1.4 is now available supporting IE 10.

09. October 2012
Phisketeer V1.4.0

A new release of Phisketeer is now available.

03. Juli 2012

The former PhiSuite is now released under an open source license as Phisketeer.

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